Did looking in the mirror ever make you cry?

May 29, 2007 7:38pm CST
Hey guys. I was just interested to see the general consensus on this, I discussed it with a few friends and most of them have felt this way about themselves at one point or another. It is happening to me increasingly with age, as I am just not happy about my body. I've joined a gym and stuff, but I am quite weak-minded at times so I don't push myself as hard as perhaps I could. The other day, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and felt such disgust at my appearance that I just burst into tears. Has this ever happened to you? Does it happen often? Any tips or tricks you could offer me? x
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• Philippines
30 May 07
I haven't experienced this yet. But if it's your appearance that you're crying about, the only thing you could do is improve it. I mean c'mon, there are thousands of ways you could do it. Or maybe the problem is your attitude. It shouldn't be too hard for someone that is really motivated to get the results he/she want. It honestly doesn't come easy and takes a lot of time, not to mention courage. So be brave sister and enhance you appearnace. Only you can do it. Unless ofcourse you opt to undergo surgery as a last resort. Goodluck! :D
30 May 07
Bec, you're not alone m'dear. When i went travelling I gave up chocolate, WORST idea ever, as when I came back I ate sooooo much just bacause I could. But it didn't stop at chocolate, I did not stop eating, its all i did constantly! And if i wasn't eating you can bet i was thinking about eating. So inevitably I put on about 2 stone........ shocking! So recently I've started the depressing task of counting calories. Grrr. Its annoying but going ok so far. I have zero will power but something's got to change or i'm going to become obese! It's depressing counting calories but it's more depressing looking at yourself and being disgusted. So anyways, enough rambling... I know how you feel and I wish you loads of good luck with making yourself feel better. And for the record, you are gorgeous and you have a loving boyfriend who will support me on this! At least you're not alone in a world full of slushy couples like me... hehe! *hugs*
@melanie652 (2525)
• United States
30 May 07
I think I've felt that way at one time or another? It's not a good feeling. I've noticed as I get out more, do more and exercise more I feel better about myself. As I'm getting a little older, I'm not thrilled with the wrinkles and have about 10 pounds I could stand to lose, but overall I like the way I look. I think it's a matter of learning to accept yourself and the way you look. Change the things you can and learn not to worry about the ones you can't. :)