Celtic Animal Beliefs

@Tatsuya (1149)
United States
May 29, 2007 8:20pm CST
The Celts had a very strong affinity with animals. The Druids were believed to be able to talk to animals. Animals were used also in the Irish tradition. When the King died, the royal Druids would sacrifice an Ox. The animal most associated with the Celts was the Horse. Horses were represented on artifacts and coins. Horses provided a means of transport, and were used in sport and work. Goddesses associated with the Horse often took on it`s form. The diety Epona was a horse Goddess. The Deer too were sacred in Celtic beliefs. They often appeared as other worldly messengers. The wisest creature in Celtic beliefs was the fish, Salmon. Crows and Ravens were associated with battle. The Goddess Morrighan often took the form of a Raven.
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