MYLOT.COM helping in reducing the GENERATION GAP !!

May 30, 2007 3:56am CST
Hi all mylotters what do u think about this . Dont you think mylot is helping is helping in reducing the generation gap Generation Gap is the problem which is present in almost every house and no country is exception to these .There are number of times when we actaully disagree to the point what our father/mother or grandparents say . There is always a difference between the way we visualize and behave to a situation and the way our parents ask us to behave . U can have any number of examples from your daily life in this context . it may be that parents ask us to drive slow and we like to drive fast .Another one could be like we tend to have habits of waking late night which they dont like . There is difference in our eating habit and their . They belive in saving some money but we tend to be spend more etc These are some very common examples.You can add any number of them from your experince when you feel that you were rigth but ur parents did not understood Now here on mylot we have all kinds of users .Users belonging to different age groups (or genarations ).And whenever we start any discussion people from different age groups reply to your discussion .They have different viewpoints . SO what i think is that mylot is really helping in reducing the generation gap as we tend to know what older people think and understand what they feel ,how they take particular situation and also they get to know about us ,how we take that situation .
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