Will smoking be banned full-stop?

May 30, 2007 3:59am CST
I am not a fan of smoking, either inside or outside, and I believe that it should be banned full-stop. Indeed, I don't believe it should have ever been introduced! The idea of somebody else's bad habits killing innocent people should be enough to outlaw any such habits. But yet we still allow it. In England, from July nobody will be allowed to smoke in inclosed areas, which is great, but will this be the case for outside too? Will it eventually be prohibited to smoke at all? When will we stop manufacturing cigarettes and selling them?
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@wasim989 (2301)
• India
30 May 07
If there would be a poll that wether smoking should be banned or not then I will be the first one to cast my vote against smoking. Because smoking is very bad to our health especially to those who have blood pressure and other non-curable diseases beside passive smoking is also bad for the health.
30 May 07
Tell me about it. Like I said before, I can't believe it was even introduced in the first place. And to think decades ago people used to promote it on television and glamourize it. I still can't get over the fact that people who smoke just do not care who they are killing; it's just seen as okay. Innocent people are dying, not to mention young babies who have no choice being around it.