which dog??

May 30, 2007 7:41am CST
hi..friends..i have plans for buying a dog..which one do u think is godd and why???....please help me out.....
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• United States
30 May 07
I think that the best dog is the one you like, not the one that a bunch of people on the internet say you should get. I think that you should follow some simply easy tips for getting any new animal. Introduce the animal to the members of the family before purchasing; make sure that it is friendly to all family members. Make sure that you get a young puppy, that way as to teach it different things and make it acustom to its new surroundings easier than a young or adult dog. Just get something that will be easy for you, not what everyone else says. Look around for a while to, don't make any hasty decisions. It will be more of a good dog for you if you wait to find the perfect one, by process of elimination.
@kamalila (193)
• United States
30 May 07
Before you buy, really do your research. Are you looking for an exercise buddy? One of the more active breeds would be better. Are you looking for a house-dog? Hunting dog? Guard dog or a dog that's great with children? No one can really answer your question unless you say what you are getting the dog for. If you are getting the dog to be a companion for your children, have the time to care for it, and a large yard, I have always loved the Newfoundland. They are very gentle, generally intelligent and love children. However, they are very large dogs with heavy coats. They require lots of room, eat a lot, and when they shed you'll have hair everywhere. Other good choices are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Or, get a mixed-breed. It may have the best qualities of several breeds.
@Inky261 (2520)
• Germany
30 May 07
First of all you should know if you want a big dog or a small dog. Then ask yourself for what purpose you want the dog. Hunting, a watch dog, a family dog? Then look through websites or books about different breeds. Then be aware that a dog might live 15 years. Can you assure his wellbeing for such a long time? Then figure the cost for the dog, the dog needs food, education, shots, doctors visits etc. Every breed has different cost per month. This way you can select the breed of your dog yourself. Because what makes one person very happy might not be the right dog for another.
@creb11 (416)
• China
30 May 07
It is hard to say which one is best as it depends on you favorite. Dog is kind of pet that can know their host very well and it is easy to get along well with it. Her can follow you no matter where you go, and also her can catch you idea of you.