how do you show your appreciation to someone .. ??

@unuzzz (1273)
May 30, 2007 1:08pm CST
hi mylotters.. ^^ tonight i feel really touched a friend had just offering me a help i had some money problems for the last 2 months and it quite bothering me [ since i'm unemployed ... ] a friend had caused me a loss in a quite numerous sum of money we used to play basket ball together on wednesday, and he is the field's organizer one day he is no longer be able to organize the field, because of his busy work so he pass the duty to me.. and stupidly i accept it sometimes this friend still come and play with us we collects the money from the participants and in the end of the month, we pay to the field owner for renting the field everytime we paid the rent, we'll receive a receipt i always hand the money over to that friend, you can call him "A".. and then A will give the money to the owner i trusted A and never thought that he would do something bad with the money one day the owner phoned me and said that i haven't paid the field rent for one month it's only for a month, but just for your information, the rent fee is very expensive i was shocked, and i phoned A immediately A convinced me that he had passed over the money and very sure that he hold the receipt i was calm then and sure that everything is alright suddenly A phoned me back in a very short time and told me that he cannot find the receipt i was panicked, but suddenly A said this word easily, " i don't think i've received the money, i'm sure if i had it, i would had passed it over directly to the owner.. " i was very angry that time i'm in the position where i can't defend myself.. A had the receipts and i can't make sure whether he paid it out or not confused and found no alternatives, i paid the rent fee with my saving i was a little sad that time, i have planned something with the money and now i have to let it spent for something i have no deal with i was furious with A.. i'm sure he lost the money or maybe he spent it over on something else this is a very typical thing to happen right ??? but tonight, another friend who knew the incident well enough, gave me a quite large sum of money he said that it would help me to solve my problems now, and he also said that he would give more money so that all my loss covered i am dazed.. i have no idea that someone would care with my hard times.. i feel very shy too at the moment tell me, how should i thank this friend ?? i've already said thank you, and he only showed a slight smile thanks for responding mylotters.. i really appreciate it ^^
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