rant about the rants (lol)

May 30, 2007 4:08pm CST
as anyone who has played runescape between yesterday and today will have noticed that Varrok has changed. there was a massive update that was actually held up by an extra week, this is because jagex found numourus bugs in the new varrok. anyway, on to my rant about the rants (lol)... i went onto the forum last night and took a look in the rants section, there were many many people all complaining about this udate, some said they didn't like the new varrok, some said they were disgusted by the dogs that you can "shoo-away" others just like to moan! why is it that so many people go into the suggestions forum and ask for graphical updates to make the runescape world look better, they all want it to look as good as games like WoW, yet when jagex deliver, they are straight into rants to whine about it! over the last few days, the only rants i have seen have been to do with the update being late, and you guessed it, it gets here, and they still rant! why are these people never satisfied?? anyway, my rant about the rants is over lol.
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@uath13 (8204)
• United States
31 May 07
I think the dogs are actually a pest to your cats but thats no big deal. I like the new Varrok myself. The new fountain looks much better. I've also completed the meuseum stuff I think, 153 kudos. The xp it gave was good and I dumped all the lamps it gave onto my construction.
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2 Jun 07
i did all i could in the museum too, and yeah the lamps were very nice all exp went to prayer for me, that's all my lamps ever go on lol... i only need 5k more exp to get 72 prayer now.
@Kurokage (548)
• Albania
6 Jun 07
Ya what are those dogs anyway? its soo odd. Noobs i think wanan pretend they have a pet like membys.
@sugar21 (227)
• United States
22 Jun 07
The new varock is great! i think jagex did a very good work!
• Canada
14 Nov 07
Wow they complain about DOGS?Really there is nothing offensive and i think so too that it can make you pass time if you are bored and if you hate dogs (=)) you can keep shoo them away.I also thinks that it makes the game more real and i don't think jagex would be brute toward your poor animals =( Cya around!
@vedantb (45)
• India
28 Aug 07
lol nice one. well people always want nice better new things. well i love the new varrock and the rants will go on for ever. coz every1 wants better things
• United States
9 Jul 07
I agree i like the new varok also although it has been out for a while i remember when it came out and i like it and i am willing to bet that that graphic is going to spread out through runescape so get ready runescape your world is agoing to get a makeover soon.