Wieght Loss Tips?

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May 30, 2007 7:19pm CST
I am looking for tips on losing some weight.I am diabetic and could use the advice.Also just want to feel better about myself.I am also looking for a weightloss buddy one I can talk to on here and share our goals and our ups and downs.Give each other support
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28 Jun 07
there are some good advice here for that. I told am trying to lose 30 pounds. I work retail.. I did try the Alli pill that is new but as a diabetic.. I do not think that would be good for you. smaller portions..some light exercise and I am trying my first bottle of chia vida it helps with weight-loss too Patricia
@nancyrowina (3850)
31 May 07
I'd seek advice from a doctor before trying to lose weight if you are diabetic, you don't want to make yourself ill. A doctor can probably give you a special diet to go on to lose weight gradually. Yoga is a good idea too as it's gentle and you can start at home with a DVD or video.
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31 May 07
Hi Misheila, I have lost 43lbs in the last year, but just cutting out soda, but you as a diabetic, probably already did this, I watch for "high fructose corn syrup" on packages, if its in there i wont eat it. I also like yoga, Its not a real hard work out, exspecially if you do beginners yoga, it gives you good core strength. I added a half an hour of high impact areobics, but if you dont want high impact, if your joints are bad, or you dont want to start off with the high impact, then do low impact, walking etc. Im sure you probably already know all of that. My goal is to lose atleast another 55lbs. atleast by the time we go to leave for holland. :) which is about a year away. :) take care...