I need a cell phone in UK. Which one is better?

@cmsk2005 (1770)
United States
May 31, 2007 3:41am CST
Hi! I am in UK right now. I have to stay here for sometime. Now I want to get a connection from a cell phone company. Which kind is good? I have heard and read about vodaphone, orange, O2, and so many but I am confused. Looks loke all are same and giving same facilities. I dont no about any special promotion from anybody. also I want a monthly contract for one month so which one is best for that-do U know? I think I will get the phone free if i get one monthly contract that is common to all of them. I want the most recent model and latest phone feature. Thanks
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@mummymo (23707)
31 May 07
Well all the companies have different coverage in different areas! T-mobile for example has a terrible reception in my area! I believe that Orange has the best signal in the majority of the country although o2 and vodaphone are very good as well! As for a monthly contract, you can get the most up to date models with these but none of the companies share them and most will only give you a free hanset now if you take out an 18 month contract although some do it it on a 12 month basis still! xx