Do you play favorites?

May 31, 2007 4:48am CST
Ever had a favorite daughter or son? The reason I asked this is because this was once an issue between my sister and I. She thought that my grandmother was playing favorites. I for one thought that my mother was playing favorites too. I get scolded most when it comes to our mom. When we spend our vacation at our grandmother's house, she gets reprimanded alot. Today, I ask my mom if my sister was her favorite. She explained that the reason she sided more on her was because my grandmother was always favorable to me. Raising three kids right now, I try not to have favorites. Sometimes its hard because one of the girls used to remind me of myself when she was small.Whenever I sense that they think I have favorites, I try to talk to them and explain it. That way, they don't get to feel that I do have a favorite. Everything is going well right now. I tell them that each of them is a part of me and for that, they are all equal.
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