Spoiling your kids

May 31, 2007 5:17am CST
One of our fears as a parent is raising a spoiled child. We may not know that somehow we had something to do with it or another member of the family, like the grandparents. My mother once told me that the role of the grandparents is to spoil their grandchildren while parents have to be the disciplinarian. I said that it was hard to be firm with the kids when they are spoiled by their grandparents. I for one could not argue with my mom on that because well... she's my mom. I get the idea too that because of this, children tend to think that since their grandparents are on their side, they have the advantage. This should not be the case because if this were to happen, then you will end up with a spoiled kid in your hands. So parents, be firm and be strict, even if you have to face the wrath of your parents. Remember, your children's way of upbringing is at stake.
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