dont u think mylot is underpaying us???????/

May 31, 2007 5:31am CST
i think they are paying very less than what we deserve
3 responses
@Craig747 (488)
31 May 07
No, I don't think myLot is underpaying is at all. In fact, I think what they pay us is very good. We don't need to do much to earn money. In fact, we are simply earning money just for talking. There are not many sites which pay so much money for doing something which takes very little effort and it actually enjoyable. If you post longer, more thoughtful posts then you will earn more money. You have nearly reached 100 posts. When you do, you will get a star with a number in it which gives you an idea of the quality of your posts. They higher the number, the more you will earn. I really don't think you can say myLot is underpaying us at all.
@hotbiatch (276)
• Philippines
31 May 07
no i don't think they are underpaying us considering the little effort that we exert
@smoke_gun (1243)
• Malaysia
31 May 07
i join mylot not for payment.i want to have some funs here,seeking these and that,meet some numskulls like me!