do you really laugh when you type LOL

@laiza14 (593)
May 31, 2007 5:57am CST
most of the times i see responses with LOL, and i also use it, but are you really laughing when you type LOL? i have to admit that i am not really laughing..:p but in my thoughts, im laughing..:p how bout you?
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@eemee468 (446)
• Philippines
18 Aug 07
hahahha.. im really laughing.. makes my brother stare at my responses and find nothing funny.. hahah.. but sometimes.. yeah.. i laugh in my thoughts when i feel tired and all.. but read something funny..c:
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
31 May 07
Yes, because I'm a person who i following my mood, o, If I sad, I wouldn't use lol
@peaceful (3301)
• United States
31 May 07
I really hope that people are laughing when they say they are! :) I certainly have LOL'd many times and I have to stop before I can type again... My friends tell many funny stories and I believe them, when they say they are laughing... why waste the energy of just typing LOL when you can enjoy it for real? Some laughs for you:
@ozangel82 (754)
• Australia
31 May 07
sometimes i am or i am just smiling, but if i find something really funny i will write lmao which i dont write very often
• China
31 May 07
I really laugh when I type LOL. I use this to express my real feelings, so I will type it only when I really laughed.