have you ever starve??

May 31, 2007 6:45am CST
Friends when we talk of starvation,we dont mean going for one or two days without eating.What i actually mean to say is that,there are people out there who do not know how others starve because they have never starve in their in life.To get hungry dose not mean you re starving.What i mean by starvation here is the act of going for days or week without eating and yet you dont know if you would even eat in the future.Try going just for three days without eating or dringing,then you will know what am talking about and mybe you would try to always pity those who are in need of foood and good dringing water.As your self if you have ever help anybody from dying with just a pice of cake which cost just a cent.Forget all the help your gorvenment is doing to others with your tax money,try to do your self and i promise that when your offer is being accepted by a starving one,you will find in it the greatest plasure that you have never now in your life.I dont want to spend you time telling you my expirence,just give a try now friend and you would tell somebody how you feel deep inside.
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