The success of Google

May 31, 2007 9:48am CST
This a rough copy of my real report. So don't just copy paste it if you want to use it and please contact me first. Please feel free to discuss :) The Report In the beginning (1998) When Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both students in computer science, started at their academic exercise they never could realise they were building the beginning of worlds number one search engine. They wanted to build something that would make the search for things on the internet much easier and faster. And they did, "Google" was born. But Google isn't only a site with the Google-logo and a blank space where you can type what you want to search, Google is much more then just a search engine. Moneymaking Business Google has become so popular because people can find the thins they need it's almost like a giant library where you can find all your answers, and because people find their answers they keep using it. Larry says that Google has become "like a person to the searchers, helping them and giving them intelligence any hour of the day". So there is some kind of interaction between Google and the searcher. But a search engine itself isn't a moneymaking business, it's what Sergey and Larry added to it. They came up with the idea of getting advertising on the search pages. They got paid for every visitor they send to a website and because they got so many visitors they earn a lot. OK, this idea wasn't that revolutionary but they made it a success when they started to pay people to advertise for them. The famous "AdWords"-program from Google is the business for every webmaster. Google get paid for the clicks and they give a little bit back from what they earn to the people who advertise for them. Also this program makes them more popular then other search-enignes because now people can earn with Google. Do you Google? Google has even become a real word and verb in the English language. People use the word Google if they want to say their looking for information on the internet or even when they search something at the library, they say they're Googling it. Another proof of the popularity of Google. Google vs. Microsoft Because Google is growing so big it want's to offer more. Like Microsoft, Google started with some programs like a "word processing" and some sort of organiser. On the other hand, Microsoft started with their own search engine business. It's very likely they are in competition or could we say war? At this moment Google is winning, they attracted some of the best talent from Microsoft. "Google is the place to work if you're young and ambitious" they say. Not only success Google isn't that small business from the beginning anymore. Of you know they bought the famous website (a website where everybody can upload and watch movie(clip)s for free) for 1.65 billion dollars you know they aren't that small after all. But because they are growing so big, they build up many rivals and not only Microsoft. Many publishing houses from books and movies are accusing Google of copyright violation. Other rivals are teaming up against Google and started to create their own video-sharing service. Google has become a victime of its own success. Conclusion Google has become a giant with their search engine and their money making business but because they are so rich and powerful they build up a lot of rivals and one of them is Microsoft who are tryin to hit back! Written by H. Van Loon based on articles found on, and
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