which is the most important computer language that must be studied?

May 31, 2007 1:06pm CST
which is the most important computer language that must be studied having benefits in future. is it java,c++,oracle,cobol,fortran,visual basic etc. if any other please specify
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@anurag4u (154)
• India
3 Jun 07
It depends on your needs. the most important thing u sud study about is the operating system. many programmers start working in java or c++, but take a lot of time integrating with their own host OS. U c for testing purposes we can use IDEs bu deployment needs to have a native OS. so u sud be very clear abt the target OS. U sud learn fortran if u r into research. ppl at NASA are expected to work with it to do tedious calculations using the supercomputers. Oracle is for database management and is a useful server-side technology. Visual basic is an easy-to-learn language and fast at creating windows based applications. Cobol is pretty-much outdated now. JAVA has got the largest libraries and is platform independent. It is also better than any other programming language at file handling. C and C++ are used for bare-metal programming. they need deep understanding of the operating of the system. sometimes it seems some mathematician designed it. Perl is a good option as it is very simple and very powerful. McAfee antivirus is written in perl. python is relatively new but it is slower than java. so if u know ur future u can chose ur language. if u know it is network programming or standalone application programming or system programming u can deal better with things. Perl is sometimes referred as the Swiss Army knife of programming languages. u may look at http://software-experiments.blogspot.com for further information. so if u have a particular job in mind i may tell u the best language to work with.