Concessions for Muslims

United States
May 31, 2007 10:25pm CST
I have thought about this for awhile before I posted it, it has bothered me for a couple of weeks, so I thought I would get other's opinons. Lately, we have been hearing stories here in the United States about Pork being banned from one schools lunch menu because it " offended Muslims" remember that story a few weeks ago? Apparently some child had a ham sandwich, and it was scary to the fellow Somalian Student for some reason I cannot phantom, no where did I see that the " Christian, ham eating child" try to stuff the ham into the Somalian childs mouth, apparently the child that had the " offensive ham" was suspended from school and " hate crime charges" were thought about. Then there was this article, about a Meat Packaging Plant in Nebraska, Muslims threaten to walk off the job unless they were allowed to have " prayer" time, another story tells a tale of Muslim taxi drivers that are refusing to transport anyone that has alcohol or anything else offensive to muslims, remember the one taxi cab driver that demanded the fare get out of the cab and tried to run him over? There is talk about installing Footbaths at airports and colleges, muslims want mosques to be built on college campus's, and have segregated dorms. I am open to reasonable debate, correct me if I am wrong, no other " religion, or culture" has or demands such special treatment, Christians are frowned upon when they say Merry Christmas, or put up a Nativity scene, rants of " seperation of church and state" when the 10 commandments decorated Courthouses. The same can be said about any other faith or individuals that have no faith. Since when, seriously, since when and why are we commanded by those that follow islam to " be tolerant" and " respect" this ever loving " religion" while they refuse to show us the same respect?
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