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May 31, 2007 11:53pm CST
Does anyone else feel like Facebook is getting too personal? They track your every move whether it be writing on someone's wall, commenting on a photo, etc. I think we should get the old Facebook back. Maybe someone has a bf or gf but wants to check up on how an old 'friend' is doing, but now its nearly impossible without being 'busted'.
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22 Jul 07
Well, it is a little personal but if you go into your preferences and security options you can limit what people can see. There is no tracker, so your friends won't know when you visit their profiles. There was a thing on Facebook posted by the creators that they would never put something out there like that because they know people like to "snoop" and don't want to be caught looking at certain people's profiles. Facebook does publish so called "stories" when you post on someone's wall, join a group, or edit information in your profile. But even that you can turn off, that's what I did.
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25 Jun 07
That's the whole reason I haven't gotten Facebook in the first place. It's so weird.
@hcromer (2710)
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23 Jun 07
I don't really like that your history of actions on Facebook are displayed to anyone who can see your profile either. It's not that I do anything particularly wrong on there, it's just that I think it is weird that anyone would want to know that stuff. It's just too much information.
11 Jun 07
I dont feel as if facebook is too personal. There is some material on facebook that some would discuss about and others who wouldn't discuss about. I dont see it as an invasion of privacy, just a place to interact with friends.
@jplumbl (67)
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11 Jun 07
I agree that Facebook is getting very personal, but besides privacy settings, there are ways of getting around the tracking. The best way is to send someone a private message if you want to get in touch with someone on a private basis. Or there's always e-mail. Personally, I hate how Facebook is turning into what seems like a kid's website with all of the crazy applications and add-ons. I really enjoyed the simplicity that it once had.
@milkymoon (119)
• United States
6 Jun 07
I think it's all right because you can set your privacy settings and have it not tell people when you comment or when you friend someone. I'm not all that fond of the feed because it sucks up SO much of my time. I just can't help going through it! And I hate how it'll tell me all this information on what someone I barely know did, but something my best friend did gets bumped off the feed. It sucks!
@Nan110 (469)
• United States
1 Jun 07
I go to Facebook and I don't feel it's getting personal.