mother of all questions

June 1, 2007 4:41am CST
after joining mylot for some time, what have you learn from it? has it improve your "public relations" since joining this cyber community? did you get good friends/foes?. I have learned other people's culture, understanding their kind of thinking(and still learning), their favourite discussions and their beliefs. until now , I'm still in good contact with some of mylotters who are sincere to share their views in any topic.
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@zandi458 (28116)
• Malaysia
1 Jun 07
Indeed I have learnt something new each day, be it culture, life or relationship. They are quite a number of quality discussions here that are worth reading and responding. I have emerged from my cocoon to be a knowlegeable person. I am proud to have friends scattered all over the world through mylot. Thanks to mylot for making it possible.
4 Jun 07
yeah, thanks to Mylot from me too..LOL... in the past i used to wonder if there is a website that provide open discussions about anything. it was quite some time ago that after i've forgotten about it, suddenly a friend told me about it and i didn't waste my time to look for it. so, there i am. I'm really learning a lot here.
@miaolin (397)
• China
1 Jun 07
I have been being here for nealy a month.I respond the discussions everyday and also learn something.But it seems that I haven't got so much what you have got.Sometimes,I just help them to solve some problems.I haven't learnt the culture of other countries.I'm a little pity.I have add several friends on mylot,but I haven't send message to most of them,so it's equal to no friends on mylot.I think I should change my way to keep in touch with them and let us know each other.Thanks for reminding me.
4 Jun 07
you're a very nice person. i really don't think you haven't made friends here in Mylot. maybe you just didn't realize it? well of course there are many types of friends. those who proclaimed to be your friends but not behind you and those who never boast to be your friend, sometimes you're hurt by his remarks but actually is looking after your back if you know what i mean. this is life isn't it. we just have to take care of our actions. of course we can't avoid mistakes, that's why others deserve a second chance just as we do when we make that kind of mistakes. thanks for your post Miaolin!
• United States
1 Jun 07
yes i learned a lot here in my 3 months of stay here in mylot. different people different opinions in life, love, likes and dislikes. i think what matters is you have made friends along the way and hope that you are remembered as a good person or a friend. i don't think anybody would want to earn enemies here, we are all here for the same reasons. so enjoy and have fun posting!
3 Jun 07
thanks Prettiemammie! i do enjoy posting. and yes of course, we don't want enemies anywhere including here in Mylot. by joining this community,i have learned a lot about other people. well, i do make mistakes along the way but as human, nobody's perfect, right? I wonder is there anybody out there who never make mistakes and never give another person a chance to make corrections..LOL....:)