Order on your TREO 700wx

@KennethF (102)
United States
June 1, 2007 6:30am CST
I have to have order in my life. "Order is heavens first law." I try to teach my son that when it comes to cleaning his room, and picking up his toys. Anyway, having a database, smartphone with me everywhere I go improves my experience with order. All this technology increases order, but, also makes us sensitive to a lack thereof. We tend to forget that not everywhere has technology, or is interested in having it, so they have to resort to a lack of order, or use another system (paper, knots, etc) to order their lives. You will notice that with TREO700wx, when you click start, a pull up list appears with 10 applications or programs that you can go to with a click. Did you know that you can remove those from the list and add others? It is simple. Go to Settings, then click on the Menu icon. Now you have check boxes beside each application or program running on your device. YOu can check up to 7 boxes, and click the OK button. Now those seven applications will appear on your Start pull down list. My seven are: Calender, Contacts, Excel Mobile, File Explorer (for all my documents and writings), Messaging, Lock box key (I am a REALTOR) and Tasks (to keep me busy with my 20%). Kenneth Fach, REALTOR Weichert, REALTORS-Anchor, Tallahassee, Florida Direct/cell/text 850-339-5753 http://KennethFach.com Each office is independently owned and operated.
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