June 2, 2007 12:29am CST
i have a butiful girlfriend ,but i want to marry her ,i love her ,but i don't accept her being my i am very worried.i have be 27 years old ,my family want me to marry .but i cann't.
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@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
4 Jun 07
its ok my friend no problem just tell her so she know what your problem, btw a lot things to do in this life not only think married.
• China
4 Jun 07
thank you ,i will try to do it as you say
@Zorrogirl (1503)
• South Africa
2 Jun 07
i would also like to know what is bothering you? how long have you been with her and do you want to have her growing old with you? whats her opinion on this?
• China
4 Jun 07
the press from two famillies. i have been with her two years.i indeed want to be with her ,so do her,
@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
4 Jun 07
Hi Xiahui, I think you need to be clearer. You can't marry her? Why? The pressure from your families is making you not want to marry this woman whom you love and want to marry? You want her to be your girlfriend forever but not your wife? sorry i don't quite understand. can you explain more? thanks!
• China
4 Jun 07
If you can state your reason in details, maybe people in the lot can give you more useful suggestions. I think you should analyse the reason you don't want to marry the beautiful girl carefully. anyhow, man should be responsible for love, if you don't intend to marry her , you should let her know and end the relationship decidedly, and if you can not give up her, please take some measures to solve the contradiction. Show the courage resolution and responsibility of a man in front of your parents and your wishes
@habiryn (51)
• Philippines
4 Jun 07
Hi, i am not pure chinese but i kinda get what you re trying to say. Let me check if i got it right. You are being pressured in getting married but you are not yet ready. You know the solution to your problem is by talking to everyone. If you love your girlfriend that they should not be afraid of anything. I understand that it is hard to explain to your family but that is the only way. Making them trust you and your words. And if you are to do it make sure that you don't break you promise. Don't make mistakes in showing them that you are not tru to your words. Best of luck