can you help me and my friend?

June 2, 2007 3:28am CST
There's one question that has puzzled my friend for nearly 6 years! Long ago when my friend was just a puple in primary school. One day was Mothers' Day, their teacher told them to make a card for their mother.So my friend who called "Yu" made a card for her dear mum. She remembered, at that time she had made this card with a piece of yellow paper, and cut it into a nice flower. She had written some wishes on the middle of the "flower". The content of that sentences is about "Mum,let's sing the same song together!.."and so on.. Then, Yu handed on the card to the teacher... A few days later. Yu asked the teacher:"Miss Lee, I has hand on my card on your desk.Have you saw it? ".Unexpectedly, the teacher said angrily:"Don't mention that card!I think your card is really an insult to your mother!"then turned away and left! That had given my friend a great shock!What happend to her??What was wrong with the card??! Why the teacher said so?? Now,my friend still can't understand that. Can you help my friend to solve this problem?
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