my neice is 16 and living with a 20 year old

June 2, 2007 4:13am CST
My niece is 16 and living with a 20 year old under her parents roof, I am not sure that I agree with this, should I give my opinion or should I but out?
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@tredale (1313)
• Australia
2 Jun 07
Hi I am now 31 before I begin, when I was 16 I live with a 23 year old man and had too children with him. It didnt last for more than 7 years. I know not everyone isnt the same but I wouldnt have listened. I dont know the whole story of course. But I had lots of people that didnt agree and I just wouldnt be told. Dont get me wrong he was good to me and I have two beautiful children form him and we are still friends. Its up to you if you say something or not but at 16 you think you know it all and the freedom is wonderful. So if you say something brace yourself. You may not be welcome. I think the people who got through to me where the ones who supported my discission. Though now I know they disagreed goodluck I hope all works out for you.
@wendee (359)
• Canada
2 Jun 07
I think that you should step back and observe. If you feel the relationship between them is bad then say something. Otherwise leave it alone.......its only 4 years
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@rapolu_cs (1184)
• India
2 Jun 07
If you think that she is doing something wrong or if you want to alert or warn her and if she obeys you in every respect then you can go forward. Moreover its your family and you know them better than any outsiders does.
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
I think that's the trend these days and if I were in your shoes I'll probably have some comments against the relationship. They say that experience is our great teacher so let you're niece experience the life of living with a guy even in her early years. If she truly love the guy then let her be as long as she stays with her parents as parents can still guide their relationship and who knows that it will be a successful one. I married at the age of 21 but had my first unofficial boyfriend for 2 weeks when I'm sixteen and I've never learnt from it since its just a puppy love like they said but then I learned about a serious relationship when I was turning 18 when I'm so curious about this and that. You're niece is maybe somehow like that because teenagers are more curious than oldies, right. Just be sure to guide you're niece in a rightway and suggest the "no baby yet" situation. If both parties are studying, they should finish it first as it's easy to have a baby than finish a degree. Goodluck! :)
@MJLami (1173)
• United States
3 Jun 07
Unless you've been asked for your opinion please don't share it. Your relationship with her and her parents should outweigh your opinion. Though I would probably be wondering how they could allow such behavior myself it's not my place to dictate how others live their lives. My cousin openly allowed her then 16 year old daughter to sleep with her boyfriend every night and go skinny dipping with him in the backyard pool while we were in the house. I was visiting. It was hard but I did not ask any questions or express what my opinion was. I would not have allowed my daughter to do these things and I doubt my friends would.