Talking or Laughing loudly while watching movie in theatre?

@ArienKing (4647)
June 2, 2007 5:34am CST
Do you get annoyed and endlessly stare at people who laugh extremely loudly in a movie theater..
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@psyche49f (2504)
• Philippines
6 Jun 07
Yup, sometimes people could be so uncivilized as to talk loudly inside movie houses as if they own the place! However, since I am not the only one who is annoyed, other people around call their attention in whatever they can possible to silence the "loud mouths". There should be signages around movie houses requesting the audience to keep their voices down so as not to disturb other people who would rather watch a movie in silence.
@ljcapps (1925)
• United States
6 Jun 07
I can't say as I stare at the offending person as much as ask them to shut up. When asking them to be quiet I do my best to keep my voice low as well and if that doesn't work it is time to complain. I hate to make someone else's day bad but they were the person being rude in the first place. I have actually been given new tickets, refunds, and I have seen the offending person/people removed from the theater. While irritating it was rather satisfying.