give an ideal HOLIDAY destination......

@meatiitr (365)
June 2, 2007 6:55am CST
friends ,what's ur idea of an ideal holiday it a cool beach near blue ocean,the beauty of valleys clad with ice,the modernness of a high profile casino.. or is it some place else.. feel free to share any location with some description of the place.. wanna know mine.. it would be a snow clad mountains with me in long fur jackets along with my family throwing snowballs at each other....hahaha pretty wierd ,isn't it
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@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
23 Aug 07
My ideal place for a holiday is a tropical island with gently waving palm trees, a calm blue ocean and a beautiful golden sandy beach. I would like to stay in a thatched hut on stills with a cool balcony to sit on overlooking the sea. The sea would be warm and the water a lovely blue color. I would go out the the stunning reef to snorkel, seeing friendly fish and colorful coral. There would be hilly land in the interior of the island for me to enjoy climbing so I could get a lovely view of the sea and neighboring islands. It would be a very unspoilt location with friendly local people around and not many people. So far I have visited a few destinations that sound like that sort of place. These are the Seychelles, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands and Fiji. I have also been to the Maldives but the landscape there is rather flat compared to my description.A place that I have not yet been to but my description might be like is an island in the Philippines. It could also describe one of the beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean.
@mrsbrian (1951)
• United States
2 Jun 07
There is a place in West Virginia called oglebay ,it is atop a mountain and it is a resort, they have miles and miles of a drive thru lights,a mansion all decked out for christmas, a zoo and a special christmas lazer light show, shops,christmas displays everywhere.As you travel to the route to the resort the town is also adorned with lights and christmas displays. I always took my grandson every year he is now 16 and he still begs to go.