Do u have the habit of dreaming when in bed ?

@ranjiths (313)
June 2, 2007 2:47pm CST
Do u have the habit of dreaming when u are about to sleep? Or u will get into bed and go to deep sleep quickly? If u will dream what kind of dreams will u usually see? Will u see about the future? Have u ever wished ur dream come true? I even visualise dreams even i am not sleeping.. Sometimes when i was studying, I will dream of tomorrow about the exams, I will dream of the answering the questions that i have learned... Sometimes i have seen some dreams in sleep, which i cannot recall once i am awaken,but i have the feeling that i have seen some kind of dreams, its effect is still there in me..but i wont be able to remember it.... Have u also faced this kind of challenges of dreams in ur life? What kind of dreams will u see usually..
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