Hey Do u thnk Vince baught ECW to humiliate It??

@ajf7688 (116)
June 2, 2007 11:20pm CST
Hey Guys i was a ECW fan once n a big one was happy wen WWE started promoting it again but lately i got the feeling that they wanted to humiliate ECW thats the reason they Baught it!! Well with vince as champ u can c how cheap its potraid to be!! N guys like RVD n Sabu the originals are mistreated now!! Evey1 calls it the new ECW which sucks!!! Wat do u guys think??
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• Philippines
3 Jun 07
It's hard to know how Vince thinks. But id like to think that he won't waste a significant amount of money buying the ECW franchise and just humiliate it. after all, his finances are affected if it flops. I just think that WWE is finding it hard to manage three shows, three is a crowd some would say, and I think ECW is having the least share in terms of management attention. I think being the ECW champion is Mcmahon's way of bringing everybody's attention to ECW, just like he did when he "focused" his attention to Austin, Rock, then letaly DX, fans got glued to what Vince is "focusing". I also think the draft which they will be doing 2 weeks from now is their other way of giving balance to all 3 shows...
• India
6 Jun 07
I don't understand the point of introducing ECW... Very few r watching it... Y don't they just cancel it????