lame series finale!!

June 3, 2007 7:05am CST
didn't anybody noticed that the finale was lame?....i thought peter and sylar would have a great face off, sylar didn't even get to use Ted's power.....peter could have flown by himself he didn't have to be carried by nathan....and the eclipse at was supposed to entice us to anticipate the next season? i had a very high expectation on the finale but sadly it was freakin'lame!
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@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
3 Jun 07
I think Sylar knew he didn't even have to use his power, as somehow he had understood how Peter takes on any power and then retains it. So Peter got Ted's power twice - once from Ted and then from Sylar - which caused a total overload. This was so huge that it basically blocked his ability to control any of the other powers that he possessed, as he was trying his hardest not to explode. I don't think it's odd he couldn't fly away by himself as he truly was thoroughly occupied by the whole 'let's not blow up and kill millions' thing. And that Nathan carried him was just to show that Nathan couldn't be heartless and cold like his mother, could stand up against her and would come back to help out his brother as Peter would have done the same for him. Personally I didn't find the finale that lame, even though I was looking forward to a big fight between Sylar and Peter, but this made sense to me too. I was expecting such an ending in a way anyway, as Hiro was the one who was supposed to 'kill' Sylar.
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@fidainc (412)
• Singapore
4 Jun 07
The writers commented that Peter has not yet learn to use his powers simultaneously which explains why he can't fly on his own. He can't even handle 1 without practising *LOL* Upon explosion, where bits of his body parts will fly about all over space, can he regenerate new body parts? I'm pretty disappointed to learn how easy it was for Hiro to stab Sylar. The rest of the heroes just stood on the sideline watching.. so weird. They could have helped. Why can't Claire just shoot Peter so Nathan wouldn't die... did he? Hmmm... The eclipse... still no clue what it's suppose to syymbolise. Molly said there's a scarier boogeyman than Sylar... is it Charles?
• South Africa
4 Jun 07
Charles who? I didnt think it was a too lame ending... I mean, could you have done better? Or what show actually had a better finale?
@usaction (651)
• United States
10 Jun 07
The ending could have been a *lot* better. Sylar was run through by Hiro far too easily. The Peter Sylar battle wasn't all that, even if you take into account that Peter now has Nikki's super strength. Their skirmish where Sylar used glass as a projectile through Peter's head, and the tension of the face-off in the "possible future" were more intense than this. Granted, it was interesting seeing Hiro thrown back to fuedal Japan, and the Eclipse being more than just something in the opening, but it didn't make up for a poor ending. Let's just hope the series continues with it's success, minus this hiccup!
@raychill (6529)
• United States
5 Jun 07
I thought it was pretty lame. Personally I miss the whole "save the the world" phrase. What I hated the most was the Sneak peak of sorts into the next season, it looked way lame.
• United States
3 Jun 07
okay well i have to agree peter vs sylar would have been awesome and sylar never used Ted's power but peter couldn't have flown by himself cuz he would have exploded if he stopped focusing on not exploding - but Nathon is definately alive because I think he flew away dropping Peter, then he exploded and either fell (heal with Clair's power) or he flew away The eclipse must signify something...idk what though. I thought the finalle was overall good, not great though. The rest of the season, however, AMAZING!!!