Has anybody read the Underwood See Trilogy by Michael Lawrence?

June 3, 2007 4:30pm CST
It is about alternative realities and how at this particular place there is a crossing place. In the third book (The Aldous Lexicon) he says about how sometimes the realities merge back again and there are some anomolies but they just get glossed over. Well it must be true because it happened to me. It was only about the colour of a filling in my tooth but I was so convinced that previously it had been grey but now it is white that I even mentioned it to the dentist! There was also the case of the folding ironing board. I am sure that the clip to hold it together used to work but my husband says it hasn't for ages. I remember doing it and how could I if it didn't work? Now some people might just put this down to old age but surely then you forget things not remember them as being different so adamantly. Nothing big but then the realities would stay separate anyway. So what do you think? Has my brain been altered by aliens or too much tea drinking?
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@beaniegdi (1966)
3 Jun 07
The books sound faciniating and I think I will start blaming everything on aliens as well. Unfortunately I think you will find it is just your memory that is going. Sometimes we get an idea in our heads and are suprised to find it wrong, like your filling for instance. Although it is said that we remember everything that has happened in our lives, it is usually buried deep in our minds and can only be accessed using hypnosis. We have so much to remember that our brain does fiing for us and only keeps what it considers to be important in a place where we can access it easily, anything considered not useful to remember I think gets sent to the trash can and important stuff to keep goes into our long term memory and needs digging out. Your brain made the decision that the colour of your fillings was not important for you to remember but it knows that most back teeth are filled with grey so that is what it told you when you thought about it.