The speed of light

June 3, 2007 7:03pm CST
In 1887 two American scientists performed a now-famous.The experiment seemed to show that speed of light was independent of motion.In other words,that light always traveled at the same speed:186,000 miles per second.It didn't matter if the source of the light was moving or if the observer was moving
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• Sri Lanka
7 Aug 07
What somebody big is saying is that there is no relative speed for light. If you are walking at a speed of 10kmph in a train that is moving at 60kmph, then if someone outside calls a person in the train and asks your speed he will say it is 10kmph. But to the person on the ground you are travelling at 70kmph. Depends on what the speed is relative to it will change.
• Trinidad And Tobago
8 Aug 07
Thanks for explaining that to me
9 Aug 07
I am glad u understand now
@jxdos123 (122)
• Hong Kong
9 Jul 08
what's your point? are you stating a fact? or starting a discussion?
11 Jul 08
i agree..
• Trinidad And Tobago
29 Jun 07
I dont understand what you are saying at all.I am lost man
30 Jun 07
LOL.I am just talking about the speed of is constant and it is 186,000 mps