Favorite time in wrestling

Croatia (Hrvatska)
June 4, 2007 5:50am CST
I would like to know what has been your favorite time in wrestling. I would say that the best era was the 99-2001 period in the WWF. I don't know if this still counts as the Monday Night Wars period because then WCW was already very far behind in the ratings. But all those storylines in the WWF at that time were great - Rock vs Mankind feud is one of my favorite feuds of all time. The Rock vs Austin was a classic. Corporation vs Ministry storyline was incredible, and I saw guys like Triple H, Big Show become the WWF champions for the first time, as well as Eddie Guerrero (RIP), Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho join the WWF/E. That favorite time ended for me when WWF bough WCW, but it ended in a great fashion - with the best PPV of all time in my opinion - Wrestlemania X7.
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@stylez (91)
16 Jul 07
i agrre with you the attitude era was definitely the best period in wrestling as there were so many feuds and the corporation vs ministry was one of the best storylines as the stables were so big
@shyamlal (3535)
• India
18 Jul 07
in those years we saw some good wrestling matches ...nowadays there is no more wrestling but only entertainment
@shyamlal (3535)
• India
14 Jun 07
the attitude era..where taker turned badass
4 Jun 07
Sorry, but Summerslam 2000, TLC match between the hardys, Edge and Christian and the Dudleys, was my favorite PPV of all time. However, my favorite era in the WWF was the same as yours, the end few years of the attitude era, when HHH was at his prime as a singles match, Jericho Joined, McMahon/Austin feud was continuing, the Undertaker was kicking butt, the Rock was insulting pretty much everyone in sight, but still making you laugh, the Hardys were (and now again are) tag team greats, the rock and sock connection made me laugh so hard! Ohm and the crash Holly, 24/7 hardcore championship rule. Absolute genius!