Does Educational attainment a big deal in relationships?

June 4, 2007 7:59am CST
Currently, my boyfriend is studying a vocational course and he has not yet gone to college, while me, i graduated a bachelor's degree and i am studying a 2nd course right now. He brought this gap, though not often but it really affected him. As for me, i dont care about it for as long as he came from a good family and we love each other, the issue doesnt matter anymore. but im thinking if what would others say to him? especially my neigbors and the people who knew me?
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4 Jun 07
I think that educational gaps do matter for people who think education is important.Ideally if you both love each other,then thes things should not affect you but it is easier said than done.we all know that people's comments do get to us at some time of our lives.What is important is not how educated you are,but how mature you are to handle people's comments and put your relationship before everything else.I think having a cultured thinking is more important than education.There is a lot of difference between being educated and being cultured.Culture comes from the way children are brought up in families.
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
yeah i agree. it's true that education matters to people who think education is important. our family thinks and believes education is very important, most of all they expect a lot from me. :(