to Robbey!

@fdwjay (340)
June 4, 2007 10:35am CST
For the sake of god,i finally decied to send this mail to you.But i don't have courage to send it to your E-mail. I'm sorry to bother you ,i don't mean to offend you.Maybe i should call you "stranger" ,however,please allow me to adress you "my dear friend".Hoping against hope,i should learn to face the music by myself.Though i cann't understand the cure thing you've done to me,i forgive you! Your promises were the pie in the sky and you've been back out.Well,the only thing i can do is to laugh it off. The show i performed on the Chirstmas' evening had brought the house down.The depravity in the model's team disgusts me,so i've washed my hands of it. Now,the whole campus is covered with a sea of snow, it's judt like what i'm feeling. Nothing can stop our friendship? Happy New Year and expect your reply!
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