about self-confidence

@fdwjay (340)
June 4, 2007 10:44am CST
This thursday ,we joined the english corner as usual , to my great surpise,there were so few students ,maybe , it was terriblely cold outside,but ,you know ,it could not be a good reason ,we should make full use of this precious chance to improve our oral english . I know my spoken english is poor ,but i show great confidence in myself ,i think , only you are not afraid of making mistakes can you make progress in your study , so ,do not be shy ,just show enough confidence in yourself ,just believe ,things will become better and better !
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@7521186 (83)
• Malaysia
16 Jun 07
yea..i agree with u.as in the chinese idiom ''shi bai wei cheng gong zi mu''(failure beggining the start of success) i can say that without making mistake, we would not learn anything. it is frm the mistake that we can learn from our past and try to improve ourself. personally i think mistake is just a learning process.