Adding onto my previous paranormal experiences.

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June 4, 2007 10:54am CST
I've been trying to remember other paranormal things that have happened to me... I'll share these stories. When I was younger, about 8 or 9, my sister and I were staying with my aunt, because my mom and dad wanted some time alone. My aunt went to visit a friend of hers from church. My sister, cousin, and I weren't allowed to go outside, so we had to sit there while they talked. I got the strangest feeling, and I looked toward the door/hallway. I saw this black figure float by, and go out the door. I was so scared. My cousin saw it, too. We told my aunt and her friend, and they started praying. My sister and I moved over by the woodstove, because it was so cold in the house. We were shivering. My aunt started laughing, an evil laugh, sort of, saying that we wouldn't be able to escape it...We were terrified. We ran outside, and didn't go back in. I don't know what it was, but I never went back to that house. I refused to. The summer that I turned 15 was a very strange summer indeed. My great uncle Raven, (my grandpa's brother) lived in a house beside of mine. He died there, and my great aunt went to live in a nursing home. My best friend/cousin's family moved a double-wide onto his property, because her mom married Raven's great grandson. That summer, she and I spent a lot of time together. I was either at her house, or she was at mine. Mostly, I was at her house, because her mom was really paranoid. Stacie and her mom were both kind of linked with their sixth sense. They had premonitions and such. Not long after staying with them, I started having premonitions, as well. To this day, I still have them a bit. Strange things would happen all the time when I was there. The house would start shaking for no apparent reason - meaning the washing machine wasn't on, the floors would creak, and all sorts of things. We decided to start messing around with the paranormal, since her house seemed to be haunted. That only made things worse. She had a poster of three cats hanging on her closet door. Two orange cats, one black cat. We were asleep one night, and I had the feeling that I needed to wake up. I opened my eyes and looked around, and the black cat's eyes were glowing in her poster. I woke her up, and she saw it as well. We were both pretty scared, so we slept in the living room that night. Another night, she and I were almost ready for bed. We were talking with the lights off, the way that we always did before we went to sleep. She had this rose that had a little light, and when you flipped the switch, it lit up. It was in a vase on her desk. I had my eyes closed, but something just didn't feel right. I opened my eyes, and that rose was lit up. I told her, and she went to turn it off. She came to lay back down, and a few minutes later, it was on again. She took the batteries out. We were both pretty scared, and didn't fall asleep until sunrise. A few nights later, we were messing around with this game.. It's a wrestling move called "The Sleeper". All of the kids at school would do it, and it caused the "Sleepee" to pass out for a minute or so. We took turns causing each other to pass out. She did it a few times, but the last time, she started hitting my arm. She was terrified. So I let go. She caught her breath and told me what she saw. She said that there was a black figure standing in front of her, and it swished its cape to cover her eyes. After that night, she passed out a lot, and every time she did, she saw that.. thing. She said that it called itself Dark Angel and nicknamed her Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. One of the nights that she had passed out, I was beside of her, trying to get her to wake up. I saw this black shadow form hovering over her, I couldn't see anything but its eyes. They were like cat/snake eyes. They glowed bright yellow, with black slits in the middle. I was terrified, I couldn't move, couldn't speak. I sat there, trembling and staring. All of a sudden, it just disappeared, and she woke up. I told her what I saw, and asked her to describe its eyes. She told me what they looked like, and I almost flipped. She described the same eyes that I'd seen. I mentioned before that her mom was very paranoid. Rhonda (her mom) said that she was abused during the night, and when she was alone. She would have bruises in unusual places. I'm not sure if it was whatever was in that house, or if she was just losing her mind and bruising herself. She never told us anything specific, she just said that she was abused during the night. I also mentioned before that they were in touch with their sixth sense, and caused me to get in touch with mine. One morning, Stacie and I were sitting there, facing each other, and our hands were touching. We had our eyes closed. We both saw an accident, we saw it happen. We saw a carseat, with a child in it, sliding across the pavement. We didn't think much of it at the time, as we didn't think we'd ever actually see it. Later that day, we talked her mom into taking us swimming. On the way there, we saw the accident, exactly the way that it happened in our vision. We started shaking and we both were physically sick... We told her mom about it, and her mom believed us. The child in the carseat was okay, as were the other people in the car. That summer was incredibly strange. Now, when I was 17, and I was spending the night with another friend of mine. Her little brother and sister were always so very annoying, so we decided to scare them that night. We told them that we were doing a seance, and they should come do it with us. I pretended that I was possessed, after a little while. It was so hard for me to keep a straight face. All of a sudden, things started rattling and shaking, and the candle went out. Everybody was flipping. We were too scared to get up and turn the light on. We finally got her brother to do it. We slept with the light on, and we had Bibles as well. lol.. I never offered to mess with seances or anything else like that after that night. I haven't had anything strange happen to me in years, and I quite like it that way. Don't get me wrong, I still feel my mom and sister nearby sometimes, but nothing like what has happened to me before.
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