Fred Phelps and his WBC.......

@RAMONES (537)
June 4, 2007 1:25pm CST
I just saw a shocking documentary on TV.. It was by Louis Theroult and the subject was Fred Phelps and his Western Baptist Church. It is located in Topeka, Kansas and what I saw left me awed. Those nutcrackers are against almost anything... Died in Iraq : go to hell! Died in a car crash : your own fault! Gay : Kill 'em! Poor : probably a judgement from "God".... What is happening ? Anybody aware of this sectarian movement ? Tell me your opinion...
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
4 Jun 07
these people are not christaina by any definition. This is a sickly misguided group of hatefull venomous people. It is sad that to enjoy the freedoms we do in this country also means we have to deal with people like this. Thank god for groups like the patriot rider. I wrote an artical contrasting these two groups you should read.