What are the things you really love about Philippines?

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June 4, 2007 7:39pm CST
have you been in the Philippines? are you a Filipino? How can you boosts our country? What are the things you really love in Philippines?
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10 Feb 13
I am a filipina and Im so proud for being one. Aside from heaven sent beaches located inside the country, i think one of the nicest and really attention getter for our country is our own delectable food. I remember meeting extended friends from Canada, mom cooked Filipino dishes for them like Adobo, sinigang and pakbet, unsurprisingly they love it! and even asked my mom to teach them the recipe. :) every year they come here for us and we always assure we serve every new and unique dishes for them. :) Things i love in our country? Everything, except the 2 "P"s, politics and pollution. :) have a blessed sunday! :)
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9 Jun 07
What I really like most in our country is our people. Just want to share my story. We have Korean friends in our school last semester and before they left our country, all the faculty members of our school told them to rate the Philippines from its environment down to its people. And for that, they commented that Filipinos are very friendly and they rated us 10 at a scale of 1-10. Our country is known as the friendliest place on planet. Racists here are very rare and we are very known for our hospitality and optimism. I have read an article in Time magazine that we still manage to be happy despite calamities and fiscal crisis. Besides, we have beautiful ladies here and handsome gentlemen and talented people too. Foreign employers are always looking for Filipino employees, specifically, Filipino nurses because we have the qualities a dedicated nurse should possess.
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5 Jun 07
It all basically boils down to the Philippines being where I grew up so all my memories are there ^_^