Do rechargeable batteries really save that much money?

United States
June 5, 2007 1:02am CST
I'm very interested in cutting household costs, and a friend suggested that I switch to rechargeable batteries. But, they're really expensive, so I'm hesitant to make that initial investment. Please tell me, have you saved money using rechargeable batteries. Are they really worth it? Looking for thrifty ideas! Please share.
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@cutepenguin (6447)
• Canada
6 Jun 07
We have them, because my husband gets them as gifts when his parents buy him electronics. To be honest, if we bought them it wouldn't save us that much money, because we mysteriously lose them. We even lost one of the chargers once. My sister only uses rechargables, and I think it does save her money, because she doesn't have to buy batteries.
@KissThis (3004)
• United States
5 Jun 07
All we use now is rechareable batteries. I was wasting hundreds of dollars buying batteries each year. As the children get older the more batteries they use. We have so many gadgets in our house that take battries we decide we would be better off with the rechargeables. It actually depends on how many things in your home uses batteries and how often you use those items as to how fast you will get your investment back. I know that I got my investment back within the first month or two.
@jolenegreen (1209)
• United States
5 Jun 07
U can get a pack of 2 batteries and one charger at walmart for $10. ANd I think $7 for just an extra set of batteries (2 pk). They save me TOONS of money. Definatley worth buying them. Ecpecially if u are using them for something that sucks batteries quick (didgital camera, camcorder, portable cd player) I use mine for my didgital camera....which runs out of batteries VERY quick! I always keep one pair in the charger unit CHARGED and the other pair in my camera....and then just swap them. If u thingk about it, the didgital batteries are just a one time cost. BATTERIES on the other hand are costing you over and over and over again! I love mine! I hope this helps!
@Cassy1976 (796)
• Australia
5 Jun 07
I paid around $100 about 4 years ago for the batteries and cahargerthat I use for my digital camera and they have paid off for me, I can go through 4 batteries every time that I use the camera and if I had to buy the batteries every time it would have worked out alot more expensive! I am happy with the investment that I made