How Important is money?

June 5, 2007 1:54am CST
How important is money do you think? How far can you go to earn money and how much (approximately) would you like to earn in your life?
3 responses
5 Jun 07
if someone tell you that money is not important in life for them, then they lie. yes i admit that money is part of the most important things in your life. without money, you can not build your life beautifully. everyone needs money and it's true.there is no limit for how much i wanna earn in life.the more money we gain the more convenient things we can benefit and extend our needs for life and lifestyle as well as satisfaction that life require.
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
5 Jun 07
yes,money in not everythig,but I want to say money is very important in our life.without money,we can not buy anything and maybe we can not now,I do not have much money,so I do not dare to buy something I want,I have to save money in case of some urgence.
@abrarr (1246)
• Pakistan
5 Jun 07
the most important factor to liveur life wtth full stomach. i think its only important to live our life with contentment from needs point of view but its possible to live without money. i can go as much far as i can but on the rite path!!