When do you pay the bill, split the bill and pass?

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June 5, 2007 2:14am CST
I was just watching this Taiwanese variety show and they were talking about how men care so much about their masculine look. They don't like to look weak and dependent especially when outside the home. The topic came about regarding their belief about who should pay the bill upon dining at a restaurant. One of them think that it comes naturally for him to pay for the bill when he's with a woman, having the woman pay for the bill for some unexplainable reason for him just feels wrong and weird. And when with a group, splitting the bill is what they would do. In your case? For guys, do you feel like letting the woman pay for the bill is sort of immasculating? And women, when do you decide to split the bill or pass? In general, in which situations do you pay the bill, split the bill or pass?
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12 Oct 07
i always let the bill be split..or Dutch treat..but sometimes i don't say anything until its clear that nobody is going to pay the tab..then I say oK..Dutch treat? if they pay the whole thing..then I say .."i will leave the tip" ..but my wife usually carries the money..and she gives the money to me to pay the bill..its has nothing to do about saving face..she always carries most of the money ..and i just carry 45 dollars or less..but I do have a credit card too ...if i need to buy something and i am low on funds...i never worried about looking weak when a women offered to pay the bill...a lot of people are on "expense accounts" where I used to work and they got their money back from the company..but if not..i used Dutch treat...there is a season called T.W.I.R.P Season..it means The Women is Requested to Pay...but this was something that was done was I was in college and not universal...but my wife is a great cook and I cook too so lately we have been eating @ home a lot..and our food bill has gone down a lot..plus i don't have the expense account anymore...lol
@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
30 Sep 07
when ever I have a meal and there is a bill to be paid I always come prepared to pay my part, I am not in a financial place to treat friends or family but I have no problem paying my own way, and I am grateful when someone else treats but I feel bad because I can not return the favor. When I was working I picked up more than my share of the bills and I was astounded how rude and ignorant some people can be in that situation, I was in a bar and it was my turn to buy a round, no problem until one person who came late and had not picked up a share ordered a triple brand name, that drink cost me $21 and he got up and walked away after drinking it. nasty person
@sunkissed (4330)
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23 Jul 07
Well I am a woman and when I go out to eat with a man, I would never dream of paying any part of the bill. I think if he wants to entertain me, that is what he needs to do. He should pay the bill.