i have a girl friend and

@ceppy68 (1594)
June 5, 2007 2:36am CST
i have a girl friend and i have love so much to her but lately i am hate to her because she is so easy to give herself up to any man who says love to her, how about your opinion?
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• Philippines
5 Jun 07
It's better to let go than being with somebody whom you know she can't be yours. Open your eyes and seek for reality. Don't depend on what you feel but let your brain works for that matters.
• India
5 Jun 07
if she is in love wit you then she would not do this.....if possible, make her sit, advice her and tell how much you love her....if this is not workin i think you can search for some one who really love you.....!!!
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
5 Jun 07
love is selfish and sole,if your girlfriend do this,I just want to know if he loves you?yes,you love her very much,but how about her?does she love you as you love her.you should clasify the problem first.
@jbelle (912)
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
Although i dont know yor girlfriend personally i give her the benefit of the doubt... well for me base only on my opinion if you have a boyfriend already or if i am committed i no longer accept suitor because your taken already and she must respect you. what is the purpose of dating other men? what does she means by that? you ask her because it is not proper that way... Are you happy with it? you must tell her what you don't want if he really loves you she wont do that...