Tattoo's and Piercings

June 5, 2007 8:12am CST
At what age do you think it is ok to let your child get a tattoo and/or a piercing? As a parent do you have a rule about this, Or do you just let them get what they want seeing that it is there own body?
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@totty1969 (1473)
• United States
5 Jun 07
My daughter just got her first tat. She also just turned 18. I think they should wait until they are 18, because it is perminate, not like you can just wipe it off! Just my opinion though. Peace!
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• Canada
5 Jun 07
I don't have a big rule on piercings as I have had all my girls ears pierced when they were baby's but my husband is against all the piercings that you see children with today . Our rule is that you can have your ears pierced but beyond that you have to wait til you move out although I don't believe I would have a problem with an eye brow ring if one of them wanted to get that as I was going to have this done to myself last year . I don't believe that piercings affect who a person is,it is just a way to express oneself and show off what they like and to be able to have their own sence of style .
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