How can I avoid glass etching in dishwashers, and how can it be repaired?

June 5, 2007 2:31pm CST
i just buy a dishwash but when i use it, my glasses always be damaged. I tried various detergents, but my glassware seems to be permanently damaged.
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• Canada
5 Jun 07
Since your dishwasher is new, it could be your hot water temperature that is contributing to the etching of your glassware. I read this on the Jennair website: "For optimum results, dishwashers with automatic temperature control (ATC) require a minimum of 120 degrees F inlet water and regular use of the heating options. Dishwashers without ATC and and/or water heating options need 140 degrees F inlet water for optimum results. The water should not be any hotter than 140 degrees F or glassware may become permanently etched." also offers a few tips: "One of the easiest ways to prevent spots and cloudiness is to use a rinse aid, such as Jet-Dry® or Cascade® Crystal Clean™, with every load. In addition, you might need to adjust the amount of detergent you use depending on your water (you'll need more if it's hard, less if it's soft)." Hope these help! :)
• Mexico
6 Jun 07
thanks a lot for the information!!! my best regards