What kind of shoes would you perfer Puma shoes Or Nike?

United States
June 5, 2007 4:09pm CST
I would perfer Puma named brand shoes they look better than Nike named brand shoes. What would you perfer Puma Or Nike?
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@maria560 (39)
• United States
10 Jan 08
i dont like puma shoes. i think their ugly. but thats just my opinion.
• India
3 Jan 08
Sneakers are casual, and I'm casual too. Sneakers get pretty beat up & are rugged, and they still keep doing what they're meant to do until they reach their final days. It has been cold and rainy out in the middle of nowhere. I am going back on Monday. Just thought I'd pop in and check on a couple of old friends.
• Pakistan
17 Jul 07
Ma vote is for Puma footwares, sports and fashion look, damn cool, i must say puma is best, nike, adidas blah blah are also Ok, But puma is best.
• India
15 Jul 07
nike anyday..jus luv der style,durabilty and itz popularity wid my sporting icons n teams..besides the swoosh symbol is so classy ..am a huge huge fan of nike n nuthin beats it though i do feel dey r overpriced.!!
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
I prefer Nike shoes.. Its more comfy and trendy :D
@abiesm (376)
• Vietnam
8 Jul 07
I like Puma because of the color and the logo . But really, I admit that Nike is nice at quality and appearence. anyway, thanks for asking this ^^ It's been a long time I don't go buying shoes
• United States
8 Jul 07
i love pumas! i used to wear them all the time,though they're hard to find in these parts nowadays. nikes are ok,but a lot of them have features i find unnecessary,like the air pump.
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
7 Jul 07
I prefer Nike as they are more my style. The vibrant colors they use are very nice and eye catching.