Password Protecting Photo's and Files

June 5, 2007 5:19pm CST
Hi there, i'm hoping to find a computer genius somewhere here at MyLot, as i have a problem i need fixed. I have a roommate, and well, i don't want him to ever be able to get into some files that my husband and i have, but i don't know how to password protect them, I have windows xp and i know how to lock the computer and what not, but i don't do it often because it's just a pain, most files on the computer i don't mind him getting into, but certain ones, it's a no no. I'm wondering if there's a way to encrypt or password protect certain files without having to lock the system up or just hide from other user accounts. I don't like having other user accounts as i prefer to monitor from the main account. so if there's anything you can do to get me some information, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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• Singapore
6 Jun 07
Sure there is. Try TrueCrypt at . This is one of the most popular and hyped up program that you can use to encrypt files. The direct download link is at . There is a beginner tutorial at . And you can see some pictures at . :P
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• Italy
6 Jun 07
If i remember there is a software is called True Cript or similar... this software create an encrypted hard disk in your pc, so you can protect your datas by password. I read in some forum is very good software
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@jackli (203)
• China
12 Jul 07
yeah. I use a software that create a fake filesystem in single file and protected it with password. then u can deem it as the normal filesystem, u can use it as normal filesystem. and moreu can hide the file or change the file's extention name in order to the other maybe not notify it. huh. the software is commecial tools. and i use a piratic version. huh.
@swatig (1187)
• India
28 Jun 07
well, there is software which hides your folder thru fat table in your system and which is activated or enable/disable thru your given keys combination like Alt-A, Ctrl-A like this. It is password protect program start running while you switch on the system. whenever you want to get that specific folder, you press that key combination and enter the password, the folder is visible as before. if someone by accidently press that combination, then also not going to effect becuase there is no prompt for password so noones knws the happening.