Scientists Find The Way May Cure For Blindness !

June 6, 2007 2:47am CST
Scientists Plan To Use Stem Cells TO Repair Damaged Retinas ! Do you Think Its Really Work ?
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@Dan_ul (858)
• Romania
6 Jun 07
repairing the damaged retina doesn't real cure all colorblindness cases... ;) trough it's a step foeward
• New Zealand
6 Jun 07
Oh really thats really good news . Over the period many people start loosing their vision and some time they go for operations or wear glasses . This news will bring joy on their face ..lets hope scietist should get the break through on this ..Cheers
@ljcapps (1925)
• United States
6 Jun 07
After learning about a Japanese man that had an Emu's eye transplanted to attempt to restore his vision, he lost it in one eye in a traffic accident) I would say anything is possible. The eye transplant was a partial success as the man recovered about 60% of his vision in that eye. Can you imagine being able to see the color red or blue after a lifetime of darkness? wow!