Killing cat in video art. Unethical and criminal act in the name of art.

June 6, 2007 5:22am CST
Finnish artist Teemu Mäki had done this video S E X AND D E A T H 30'00 minutes, 1988 There a cat was killed with a small axe. After that the cat was also sexually abused. Same video was offered by artist for new art museum Kiasma in Helsinki in year 2004. There was an interview in finnish morning television at channel MTV 3 in 2004. A presentative of Kiasma told that "there´s undeniable right for an artist to kill a cat"I think that art is no excuse to kill animals especially cats. Just for sake of art. It´s close to politics where everything can be trivialised and can be taken from the original context to make it somehow justified. Totally wrong. There´s no justification to walk over animal rights. After all we are talking about a pet which is supposed to be a friend of people and family. How sick can people be. Artists are also people. Not beyond human or gods.
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@mugzy528 (800)
• United States
6 Jun 07
I Think that some People are sick in the Head How can Killing something be Art? The Guy should be Hunted Down and arrested then put on Trial for Murder to many people get away with Killing Animal anymore. And the Dog Fighting stuff gets on my nerves also Just had a Guy near me get Busted with 60 dogs you probly heard of him the football player mike Vick. anyway I could go on forever on this . Have a Great Day/Night
• Finland
6 Jun 07
I agree that dog killing is also a murder.