Meeting Singles Online

United States
June 6, 2007 7:04am CST
Last fall my relationship of nine years ended. Tentatively, I joined a singles dating site a couple of months back and haven't been very successful simply because I have not taken on an active role and reply to very few of the emails that I receive. Recently I met someone and we had a wonderful time talking to one another, but I remain skeptical of actually accepting dates or giving out my phone number. I know that in order to put my life back together I should put myself out there more, but is this the way to do that? Has anyone had good experiences with internet dating?
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• Australia
19 Jun 07
I guess i'm in a similiar situation - have thought about it as well, but like yourself, have been quite tentative about it. I figured, right now, it's just about living, and if someone comes alone, so be it! Can't help you on the online dating experiences! I've had a success rate of 1/3!!