Is aunt petunia a squib?? or is she sumthing we dont know??

@devilinu (105)
June 6, 2007 11:46am CST
she hates nething to do with magic....harry is related to her by she a suib or has she been in touch with wizards b4 too.....y did dumbledore send her that screecher(remember wat i said)....wat did he say...y did he getr in touch with her b4 ?? i think shes gonna surprise us all in the last edition
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7 Jun 07
Petunia is not a Squib because a Squib is only someone from an all magic family who has no magical powers. Since Petunia and Lily came from a Muggle family, Petunia is just a normal Muggle like her parents were.
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10 Jun 07
What Candid_Ishida said is correct. The holler (or how ever it was spelled) was reminding Petunia of what the initial letter that Dumbledore wrote her and left with Harry when he was first dropped off their. By accepting him it was like a magical contract that she agreed to keep him until he became of age - to protect him from Voldemort finding him.
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10 Jun 07
aunt petunia is not a squib but DUDLEY IS A WIZARD bcoz magic flows in bloodlines. dumbledore promised to petunia that he will supress dudley's magic if she decides to bring up harry thats what he meant by remember my last. all this is given in harry potter 7 which i have already read on its real one so go ahead
@vijigopi (991)
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13 Jun 07
I think you have read one of the fan fiction. I too read this on a site I don't remember the name of it. I guess that fan fiction got the best vote for Potter fiction stories. In it Harry is one of the horcruxes and he manages to remain alive by creating a horcrux himself by which Voldemort's soul is separated from himself.