"Change is not death, but death is always a change", do you agree?...

June 6, 2007 2:07pm CST
what can you say about this statement?... well for me, i agree with this... true that change is not death, but death is always a change... "change is not death"; because not all changes that happen means that's the end of everything (death is the end of everything according to the book that i've read)it might be something else... "but death is always a change"; we never know what is the exact happenings after death but one thing for sure that it will always bring changes to yourself, love ones, friends, enemies, surroundings and etc... just like when my father died, it's been 5 yrs. already but still i can still cry about it... everything seem so sudden, and until now i can still feel the pain... and from there, everything changes the surroundings, and the people around including me... from a true cheerful me to a great pretender me (why? coz i'm faking it as if i'm just fine and nothing happens but deep down my heart's crying)... well, it's too long maybe it would take a long period of time so i'll better stop here... just wanna say thank you for the time of reading this!
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